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Service Pack 1 for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8



This document contains information about ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 Service Pack 1.

These updates are available for download through the ScanSoft Update Service. The ScanSoft Update Service is an automatic update service included with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8. To open the ScanSoft Update Service, do the following:

  1. Click on "Help > Check for Updates".
  2. When the Update Service opens, click "Show Updates" then click "Add" on any of the available Service Pack(s) as desired.
  3. Click the "Next" button and then use the "Download" button to save the Service Pack(s) to the computer.
  4. Once downloaded, double-click the Service Pack to install. Please be sure to close out of all open applications before installing the Service Pack.

Note: If the "Install Now" button is used instead of the "Download" button, a message may appear stating that all open applications should be closed before continuing the installation. All applications can be closed except for the "Update Service" Internet Explorer Window. The Service Pack(s) can be successfully installed with this window open by pressing the "Ignore" button, however all other applications including Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 must be closed. ScanSoft recommends that the Service Pack is saved locally for later installation ("Download").

  • Any upgrades or modifications need to be done before downloading and installing the Service Pack if there are plans to:
    1. Upgrade editions within version 8 (Example: v8 Standard to v8 Professional).
    2. Modify or repair the installation (Example: install a new vocabulary).

  • After applying the Service Pack, the Service Pack will need to be re-installed if:
    1. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is upgraded within version 8.
    2. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is modified or repaired.

  • If Dragon NaturallySpeaking is un-installed after installing the Service Pack and then re-installed, the Service Pack will need to be re-installed.
  • The Service Pack cannot be un-installed. To un-install the Service Pack, Dragon NaturallySpeaking will need to be un-installed.
  • When installing the service pack, a drop down to select language will appear. There is only one entry for all English editions. It will appear as English (US).


Issues Resolved in Service Pack 1:

Technote Number Issues Resolved
5007 Crash should no longer appear when closing Dragon NaturallySpeaking or when Dragon NaturallySpeaking is adapting the voice files (user files). This error appeared more frequently on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 due to Advanced Text Services.
5074 Crash should no longer occur when adapting the user files after performing additional training on a system with a CPU with hyper-threading support enabled.
4988 Improved formatting of lists that start with numbers 0-9.
5009 The TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine for UK English is now included with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8.0.
4874 Ability to access a Memory Expansion Card when saving a recording on the Tungsten Palm Recorder. Click here to download the updated ScanSoft Voice Recorder Software.
5035 Improved formatting of words when dictating legal documents with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 Legal
5071 Numbers containing "0" (Spoken form = "oh") and decimal points should now be properly formatted. (Example: "thirty-nine oh three point one" or "3903.1")
5072 The "Open User" dialog should now refresh after upgrading an imported user.
5073 When using the DOCTYPE declaration in .HTML files, using the "link" command should now properly number links.

In addition to the items listed above, the following issues have also been resolved in the Service Pack:

New Features in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8:

  • Support for America Online 9 (English and German versions only).


  • Improved correction handling for the "Spell" dialog.
  • Improved handling of some custom commands run from within the MyCommands Editor that failed.
  • The Audio Setup Wizard should now open in the foreground when opening via the Accuracy Assistant.
  • Improved handling of the "Open" command in Microsoft Word 2003.
  • Backspacing during correction in the "Spell" dialog should now delete the proper amount of spaces.
  • An exception error should no longer appear when using the playback feature with some .dra files.
  • The word properties for question marks ("?"), exclamations ("!") and periods (".") should no longer be grayed out.
  • Dictation should now be disabled in custom Visual Basic Applications, like most other applications, when a button has focus.
  • Improved handling of empty dictation base vocabularies when using voctool.exe where all the words showed up as new words, even though most, if not all were in the backup dictionary.
  • "Operation cannot be completed. Card was unplugged unexpectedly" error should no longer appear during the save operation with the Palm Recorder.
  • Pressing the navigation buttons on the Palm Recorder should no longer cause the audio to start from the beginning again.
  • Improved handling of the "Location of user files:" dropdown menu where the path was not added to the dropdown but did list the users at that location and displayed the old path in the dropdown.
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